Ostankino (Palace) Pond

Ostankino (Palace) Pond is a water reservoir in the eponymous district of Moscow. The shores are reinforced with concrete slabs and granite covered with a metal mesh. The average depth of the pond is about 2.5 meters, the area is 0.04 km². The total volume of water in the reservoir is 156 thousand cubic meters.

The pond was dug at the beginning of the 17th century in the floodplain of the Ostankino stream (the Gorlenka or Goryachka River). In addition to Ostankino and Palace, at one time, another name was assigned to the pond – Aktyorkin.

Swimming in the Ostankino pond has been prohibited since 1980; the reservoir is currently used exclusively for technical purposes. However, the pond is a popular recreational spot among the locals. In particular, sailing regattas are held on it. Near the Ostankino Pond is a park of Counts Sheremetevs, the Ostankino Palace-Museum, Ostankino TV, VDNHk Park, and the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity.

How to get to?

VDNKh metro station, Telecenter monorail station.

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