Organyà and its gastronomic traditions

Organyà is a town and municipality of the Alt-Urgel region (Spain, Catalonia, province Lleida, comarca Alt Urgell, Pyrenees), located on the banks of the Organyà, between the Tresponts Gorge in the north and the Espia Bridge in the south.

To the east, the area is bordered by the Segre River and to the west by the Santa Fe mountain (1,207 m), which dominates the town.

The area is watered by the rivers Segre, Cabó and Fontanet. The town is supplied with water from the Bordonera spring.

The foundation of the town in the past was accompanied by the deployment of a series of religious ceremonies, due to the fact that the city had to be placed under the protection of the gods.

The parish of Organyà is already mentioned in the deed of consecration of the Cathedral of Urgell in 839 by Bishop Sissebut.

Main attractions

Santa Maria d’Organyà parish church, former collegiate church where “The Homilies” were preached.

The Bordonera d’Organyà marks the beginning of the Fontanet river, which flows below until it joins the Segre river. It is located an hour’s walk from Organyà, in the former area of Montanissell. It is a place praised and visited by the people of Organyà.

The mountain of Santa Fe with its characteristic shape, and the Santa chapel at the top, is the feature that most clearly defines the landscape of Organyà.

Popular festivals

The main festival of Organia is celebrated on August 15.

Easter Monday is celebrated by gathering at the Bordonera Fountain.

Pyrenean Book Fair has always been held on the first Friday and Saturday of September. The Fair consists of various activities for all audiences, such as theatrical shows, literary contests, workshops, book presentations, round tables, readings of works by authors from the Pyrenees.

Fira de Sant Andreu is traditionally held on the last Sunday of November. It is one of the oldest fairs held in the Pyrenees.


You can find 30 hiking trails around Alt Urgell suitable for year-round use with different levels of difficulty.

Gastronomic traditions

The Menja’t l’Alt Urgell gastronomic routes are a determined commitment to local products and environmental sustainability. Along the paths of gastronomy you will discover the cultural and natural heritage, the traditions and its people, who will welcome you with great pleasure.

  • Urgelia cheese with natural rind, tender and creamy, with a sweet aroma and a light fruity taste. Made exclusively with milk from the Pyrenean regions of Alt-Urgell and Cerdanya.
  • The beef of the Catalan Pyrenees comes from the rustic breeds of the Pyrenees, Aubrac or Gascony. Calves live with their mothers for at least the first four months of life.
  • CADÍ butter is the first in Spain and one of the few in Europe to be accredited with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This recognition guarantees the origin of the raw material, its preparation according to traditional techniques and its good quality.

Main information

Coordinates: 42°12′47″N 1°19′44″E

Population (2022): 792

Area: 12.5 km2

Elevation: 558 m

Language: Catalan, Spanish

Currency: euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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