Online exhibition of Raquel Espunyes

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Raquel was born in 1992 at a crossroads of cultures, in the tiny country of Andorra. She has always been curious, willing to look further and open-minded. It is not surprising then that she decided to build her life around discoveries. She likes to see the world through her lens, read stories on people’s smiles and enjoy every opportunity nature offers. If you’re looking for her, chances are you’ll find her walking around cities, crossing mountains or on the roads of our world: always ready for the next adventure.

Raised in the mountains, she has built a respect for nature, wildlife and Earth in general. She has a big interest in ecological, humanitarian and social actions. Nevertheless, people are the ones who keep her interest awake. She spends time reading about traditions, exploring ways of living and widening her range of tastes.

Capturing moments through the lens of a camera came along with these passions, completing them. Raquel dedicates part of her life to , especially street, landscape and portrait . Landscapes evolve through seasons, streets change through the day and humans show different faces depending on their moods. The journalism studies she pursued went hand in hand with this metamorphosis.


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