The castle of Onet-le-Château was built in the commune of Onet-le-Château of the Aveyron department (Rodez, Occitania, France, Massif Central) in 1518-1519 for the canons of Rodez, who used it as a summer residence, while maintaining a view of the Notre-Dame de Rodez cathedral.


The castle is located at an altitude of 540 m in front of the village with a clear view towards Rodez to the south.


Onet was given to Bonnecombe Abbey by B. Enjalbert. Then exchanged, by the monks of Bonnecombe, in 1292, for lands belonging to the cathedral chapter.

The current building was rebuilt in 1518-1519 on the remains of the old castle. It served as a summer residence and refuge during epidemics for the canons of the cathedral chapter.

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