On Wednesday, 29th April, antibody tests will begin in Andorra

On Wednesday, 29th April, antibody tests will begin on the health workers and volunteers who will participate in this project. According to the minister of Health of Andorra (Pyrenees), Joan Martínez Benazet, the test on the general population will begin on Monday, 4th May. From Wednesday, 29th April, agreed appointment times will be communicated to all those who have registered.

• Opening hours: 8h – 20h
• Phase 1 of the testing will last 10 days. Then a pause of 14 days. Then Phase 2 of testing will also last 10 days.
• There will be about 8,000 tests per day at the stoplabs, sheltered under small pointed pagoda tents. There are 59 in total distributed in 11 control zones plus 7/11 mobile controls. (The Stoplab is the table where the test will be done.)
• A paramedic will perform the finger prick and the assistants will interpret the data and enter it into the system.
• The survey will involve 376 healthcare professionals with support equipment
• Plus 348 logistics staff made up of: municipal staff, Red Cross volunteers, traffic officers and civil protection.

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