On 3 June, access to the Principality of Andorra from the Spanish side was blocked by tractor drivers

About 50 tractors and 400 people took part in the traffic blockage on the N-145 from 10am on 3 June. Witnesses reported tense moments between those wishing to pass and the organisers of the strike.

The action affected visitors to Andorra who were returning home after the weekend. Travel was opened in special cases, such as for people who needed to see a doctor outside the country. Those travelling for work were unable to cross the border.

The action, which is spreading to other regions of Spain, will continue until 10am on 4 June. Organisers note that they have no plans to extend the duration of the strike.

The Andorran government is demanding that neighbouring authorities guarantee access to Andorran territory during the peasant demonstrations in la Seu d’Urgel.

Dialogue has been constant, both through the diplomatic channel and at the technical level, since the announcement of the protests, which will entail the cessation of traffic at several border points in the Pyrenees, including access to Andorra, with a complete blockade of traffic in la Seu d’Urgel.

The Government advises to follow announcements on the impact of traffic through the Mobility networks, where information will be updated. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is providing citizens with the consular emergency telephone number 324292 in case of emergency.

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