Olga Gelabert presented this afternoon the children’s story “El tesoro de las Valls”

photo: Govern

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Andorra (Pyrenees), Olga Gelabert, presented this afternoon the children’s story “El tesoro de las Valls”. The event was held in the church of Santa Coloma (Andorra la Vella), within the framework of the activities programmed for the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The story, published by the Andorran Government and edited by Editorial Andorra, is dedicated to children between 7 and 10 years old with the aim of becoming a pedagogical resource that helps children learn about the cultural heritage of Andorra, to respect it, defend it and preserve it. The volume contains 50 pages and is split into two parts; The first is the story, and the second extends the information from five sites or assets included in the book.

The new publication, of which a print run of 1,000 copies has been made, will be distributed free of charge to the schools of the three educational systems, where it will be worked with and contextualized. It will also be distributed to libraries and will be on sale in the museums of Andorra at a price of 15 euros.

The text was written by Assumpta Mercader, a specialist in storytelling and telling the legends of Andorra, and the illustrations are by Carme Invernón, an artist who has collaborated in other works carried out in the Pyrenees. The thread of the plot runs through the geography of the country where a family looks for treasure.

During the presentation, a piece of the story was also read by the authors, which was accompanied by a tasting of artisanal products made in Andorra. Attendees have also been able to enjoy the projection of the video map of murals.

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