Obukhovsky Bridge in St. Petersburg

Obukhovsky Bridge is a road reinforced concrete arch bridge across the Fontanka River in the Central District of St. Petersburg, connecting Spassky and Bezymyanny Islands. One of the oldest bridges in the city. An object of cultural heritage of regional significance.

It is located along the axis of Moskovsky Prospekt. St. Petersburg State University of Communications, the Obukhov Hospital, the Yusupov Palace on Sadovaya Street are located near the bridge.

Upstream is the Gorstkin Bridge, below is the Izmailovsky Bridge. The nearest metro stations are Sadovaya, Sennaya Ploshchad and Spasskaya.

Bridge construction: 14.4 + 18 + 14.4 m. The width of the bridge between the railings is 30.88 m, the width of the carriageway is 24.6 m, the sidewalks are 3 m each. River supports and coastal abutments are reinforced concrete, on wooden piled foundations: 1600 wooden piles, 11 m long.

Engineer: V. V. Demchenko.

Architect: L. A. Noskov.

Opening: 1717, 1939

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