The Estaca de Bares lighthouse – the northernmost point of continental Spain

The Estaca de Bares lighthouse is a lighthouse located in the Estaca de Bares, municipality of Mañón (La Coruña province, Galicia, Costa da Morte, Spain), located 101 meters high.

It is the northernmost lighthouse of all those located on the Iberian Peninsula.

It is located on a plateau called Ventureiro, on a mound that extends into the so-called “Punta de la Estaca de Bares”, from which the imaginary border where the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea meet.

The tower has a height of 10 meters; the light from the lighthouse has a range of 25 nautical miles and has been in operation since September 1, 1850. In 1939 a radio beacon was installed.

Since 1993 it depends on the Port Authority of Ferrol – San Cibrao. Open for public 24 hours.

Spain’s northernmost point has a GPS coordinate of 43°47′N 7°41′W.

How to get to?

The nearest airport is A Coruna (LCG).

From A Coruña 1 hr 41 min (120 km) via AP-9

From Santiago de Compostela 2 hr 5 min (163 km) via AP-9

From Madrid 6 hr 17 min (622 km) via A-6

Address: Lugar Faro Estaca Bares, 1, 15337 Manón, A Coruña, Spain

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