Nord Aviation CT20: French turbojet-powered radio-controlled target drone

The Nord Aviation CT20 was introduced in 1957. Developed from the Arsenal / S.F.E.C.M.A.S. T.5.510, the CT.20 was built by Nord Aviation and a flying time of 55 to 60 minutes.

It has been noted for its similarity to the Ryan Firebee. The unmanned drone was used in the development of air-to-air missiles following the Second World War.

After the startup of the turbojet, the target drone is placed on a ramp and launched using two rockets. During its flight, the drone is controlled via radio signals from the ground. As it is made of light material, it is buoyant in water and can be recovered if it is forced to land on water.

Made in France

Engine: Turbomeca Marboré II

Speed: 900 km/h (560 mph, 490 kn)

Ceiling: 12,000 m

Old wings (Toulouse)

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