The Nissan GT-R is a sports car and grand tourer produced by Nissan, unveiled in 2007. It is the successor to the Nissan Skyline GT-R, a high-performance variant of the Nissan Skyline. Although this model was the sixth-generation to bear the GT-R name, it is no longer part of the Skyline line-up. The GT-R is built on the PM platform, which is derived from the FM platform used in the Skyline and the Nissan Z models.

After more than six years of development, the production version of the GT-R was unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and featured the VR38DETT engine and other new technologies. The overall body is made out of steel, aluminium and other materials such as carbon-fibre. The GT-R was sold worldwide, unlike its predecessors which were only sold in a limited number of markets.

The GT-R has had several facelifts, updates and special editions throughout the years. The GT-R was praised and received various accolades by automotive publications for its performance and practicality at a relatively-low price. It is one of the fastest production cars in the market. It has also competed in various motorsports.


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