Nina Rassen: Cup of Luck

The artist Nina Rassen discovered another talent in herself – the talent of a sculptor. Her unique works went directly to private collections without hitting the camera lens and social networks. It must be good to become a holder of something exclusive, especially if it´s energetically charged.

The titles of the works speak for themselves: “Cup of Luck,” “Pearl Crown,” “Purse of Abundance,” “Cup of the Sun,” and “Prometheus Cup.”

Nina said in secret: “I have two favorites: one of them is my cat (laughing). This is Jacob the First Stewart, according to the documents, and secretly the reincarnation of the King of Scotland. In ordinary life, he is Mr. Simon, a hereditary aristocrat”.

Nina was inspired to create sculptures by the work of Mikhail Vrubel, “The Libyan Lion” (1891-1892). The work reveals the features and motifs of the art of Ancient Egypt. Egypt resonates strongly with Nina from past lives. “Do you believe in the reincarnation of souls?” Nina asks.

Nina dislikes expressions such as: “An author must have a tragedy of life” or “An artist must be hungry.” She believes an artist (a sculptor) can be successful, prosperous and cheerful. She inspires others with her example and shares her positive energy and successes.

“I am surprised by the expression of one modern art critic: “People like to savor grief.” But will it bring something positive to us and our health? We attract just what we transmit. All our words and thoughts have energy, so some people program themselves for poverty. Money is a tool to achieve your goals and fulfill your destiny, not the goal itself. The works of art are its energy, and it is essential what message they have and from whom they come to your house”, Nina believes.

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