Nina Rassen: Creation of the world. First day

Title of the painting: “Creation of the world. First day”

Materials and technique: acrylic, canvas, multidimensional bionics

Dimensions of the painting: 100 cm X 120 cm

The “Creation of the World” series consists of eight paintings. A new world in eight days. Eight – the symbol for infinity – is a beautiful number.

“An interesting fact (as strange as it may seem) is that I was receiving some sort of messages for each of the paintings in this series. Maybe they came from the future, or maybe from another point in the galaxy or another dimension, who knows?” explains Nina Rassen.

So, are you ready to receive extraterrestrial messages?

“First Day: The rings of Orion received a return signal from the constellation of Ophiuchus via the system receiver … Time tunnel activation has occurred. General preparation. Warning: activation code #code1 … A very strange message … But my mission is only to get it and to pass it on”, adds the artist.

The series “Creation of the World” was especially appreciated by men; some decorated their clothes with it (the drawing is applied to the textile). The design can also be suitable for home textiles and ceramics. Fractals produce a particularly successful effect.
For your information: the painting “Creation of the World. Second Day” is in a gallery in Spain. This same painting was presented at the anniversary exhibition Art Fair Innsbruck (Austria).
Nina’s favorite painting from this series is “Creation of the World. Fourth Day.”
In the photo: a skirt and a hat made for the artist at her command.
One of the advantages of the multidimensional bionic style is that by placing an image on different objects, the same images can be seen in different ways, depending on the viewing angle.
“Everyone sees something different and each time finds something new. And some even feel special energy and an improvement in their mood,” summarizes Nina.

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