Nina Rassen: Birth of a New World

Art Style: Modern, Abstract, Biotech

Description: Birth is a sacred and delectable event

Dimensions and weight of the painting: 40 cm X 30 cm 0.650 kg

Materials used: canvas, acrylic. Technique Mixte

Additional information: the painting is suitable for decorating any space. The painting can hang both horizontally and vertically. A different image is obtained each time it is rotated in a plane. There is no age limit.

History of creation: This is one of the “weirdest” works by Nina Rassen. The original name is “The Egg of the Universe.” According to the plot of the painting, some sort of creature or abstraction is about to hatch from the egg. But who or what exactly? Definitely, it will be a new world! “It’s one of my works, which we can say that it is not quite my style. I call it the “unplanned work,” explains Nina Rassen. And she asks us: “Did you feel that we are already living in a new world? And our world completely differs from yesterday or a few years ago?”

The designers really liked this image. They took it as a basis for home textiles and ceramics. So far, they have produced tablecloths, cups and plates with this image.

“I’m interested in seeing how it will look in a larger format and how the design can be applied in home decor and clothing. I collect offers, particularly how to use the image for a shoe print”, – explains the artist.

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