New tariffs for hospitalization have been approved

tariffs for hospitalization_andorra_2017

The Government of Andorra has adopted a few amendments to the law on health care. First they concern relations between 2 systems – Caixa Andorrana de la Seguretat Social (CASS) and Servei Andorrà d’Atenció Sanitària (SAAS). The first organization is responsible for social insurance, the second – for the provision of medical services.

In particular, new tariffs have been approved. The maximum monthly hospitalization will cost 1.455 euros (including the cost of reanimation and / or medical intervention of a high complexity). One day of hospitalization with surgical intervention and a set of medical procedures, will cost 150 euros for the first day (when most of the costs are spent in the form of intensive care or surgery) and 45 euros for the remaining days (maximum 30 days). Tariffs do not include the cost of the operation itself.

Starting from the 31st day of stay, the patient will pay 16 euros per day. The price includes all services except for prosthetics, blood transfusions and other expensive procedures.

“The new funding system contributes to a more efficient use of hospital resources and will promote the use of other resources, such as first aid or home care,” said Finance Minister of Andorra (Pyrenees) Jordi Cinca.

The new system will also simplify the billing process between the two organizations.

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