New national euro coins will emerge in Andorra in 2015



The Prime Minister of the Principality Antoni  Marti took part in the festive events dedicated to the presentation of new euro coins of Andorra. He claimed that «the right for Andorran euro coin mintage is an important step towards sovereignty reinforcement on the one hand as well as to the consolidation of relations with Europe on the other hand».

It should be recalled that Andorra obtained the corresponding right only in 2013. Andorra minted its first coins in 2014 on the territory of Spain. In accordance to the laws of neighborly relations, in 2015 the coins for the Principality will be minted by France. In accordance to EU rules, 80.11% of the total amount of currency issue is aimed for mundane usage, 19.89% is for collectors. At that the set of 8 ordinary, non-collector coins (1,5,10,20,50 euro cents as well as 1 and 2 euro) can be acquired at the self-value of the coins—i.e. at 3.88 euro.

The notional value of the first issue (the coins of 2014) is 2 mln 479 thousand 482 euro and 40 euro cents.

The major characteristics of the coins are the following. 2 euro coin: makeup—copper and nickel, weight –8.5g, diameter –25.75mm, date of mintage—2014, emission volume—500 000 items. The “national side of the coin”—reverse—presents the national emblem of the Principality (obverse is the same for all European coins). 1 euro coin: makeup—nickel and latten, weight—7.5g, diameter –23.25 mm, mintage date—2014, emission volume—651 842 items. Casa de la Vall, one of the most symbolic historical buildings of Andorra, where the Parliament used to seat, is depicted at the reverse of the coin. 50/20/10 cents coins: makeup—nordic gold, weight 7.8g/5.74g/4.1g,  mintage date —2014, diameter—24.25mm/ 22.25mm/ 19.75mm, emission volume—500 000 items/ 1 000 000 items/ 1 000 000 items. The reverse demonstrates the ancient church of Santa-Coloma (one of Andorran regions), built in Romanesque style. 5/2/1 cent coins: makeup—copper steel, weight—3.92g/ 3.06g/ 2.30g, diameter—21.25mm/ 18.75mm/ 16.25mm, mintage date—2014, emission volume—1 000 000 items/200 000 items/ 200 000 items. The reverse depicts Pyrenean chamois—one of the rarest species in Europe.

As for the coins of 2015, it is known that 2 euro coin will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Andorran affiliation to European Council. It will emerge in 2015 and will be distributed mostly via numismatic and philatelic stores. Naturally, the cost of collectors coins is higher than the notional value.

New coins will be implemented in circulation within first two weeks of 2015, promised Andorran Minster for Finances Jordi Cinca, that also participated in the events, dedicated to this event.

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