Neoplan Cityliner N1216

The Neoplan Cityliner N1216 is the most modern modification of Neoplan Cityliner buses produced since 2006 by Neoplan Bus Gmbh. This 13-meter tourist liner is the most modern of the Neoplan travel coaches, with many advantages and innovations, a futuristic and original design, as well as a particularly high comfort for drivers and long-distance passengers. Has similar models Neoplan N3516 and Neoplan Tourliner.

Country: Germany

Years of production: 2006—

Capacity: 59 passengers (49 seats)

Length: 12,900 mm

Width: 2550 mm

Height: 3720 mm

Engine: MAN D2066 LOH (diesel)

Engine specs: 6 cylinders; 11940 cc

Max speed: 130 km/h

Weight: 25,100 kg

Neoplan Bus GmbH is a German automotive company that manufactures buses, trolleybuses and coaches. It is a subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus SE.

The company was founded by Gottlob Auwärter in Stuttgart in 1935, and manufactured bodywork for bus and truck chassis. By 1953, the company had moved away from manufacturing buses on truck chassis, to a partial monocoque design with a steel tube skeleton, providing the structural support, enhanced by welded side panels. The engine was moved to the rear. In 1957, air suspension was made available.

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