Nature and landscapes of Valday with Alexandra Baryshnikova

Alexandra Baryshnikova:

“Have you ever been to Valday? It is an amazing world in the middle of Russia with karst lakes, dense forests, flowers emitting their marvelous aromas in summer and white snowdrifts in winter. The world around us is so beautiful and as every second is variable it would be incredible to be able to pause these magical moments. Digital photography allows me to realise this dream.

I got into photography a few years ago. I work with the Canon EOS 550D and the EFS 18-135mm lens. I use filters when shooting. But as for tripods and additional lighting – I use them extremely rarely. And then I work with the pictures minimally afterwards.

I have little experience in subject photography as I prefer to catch footage on the fly and do not normally prepare. I take pictures of everything that pleases my eye, everything that “asks for a picture” and wants to be photographed.

I invite everyone to my digital world on Instagram, where I am @ vedma_s_valdaya … “.

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