Nagorny Park in Barnaul

Nagorny Park is a park in the Central district of Barnaul (Altai Krai, Russia), located between the Barnaulka and Ob rivers. Area – 14 hectares.

The elevated location offers a wide panorama of the city and the Ob River valley with the New Bridge.

The park is located in the southern part of the city – on a wide and high hill near the watershed of the Ob and Barnaulka rivers. The absolute height of the hill above sea level is 175 m, while the city center, bordering the park, is within the height range of 137-150 m. This is where the name of the park comes from.

In the west, the park opens to the first terrace above the floodplain of Barnaulka, and in the east it ends with a steep bank towards the Ob River – the edge of the ledge of the Priobsky plateau. Landslide processes, erosion of banks and landslides are common here.


The park has many natural green areas of fir, Siberian cedar, maple and spruce, as well as cultural plantings – apple, rowan and linden alleys, plantings of Siberian cedar, blue spruce, lilac, barberry, Manchurian walnut.

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