World cars museum (Motors of October) in Moscow

Automobiles of the World (Motors of October) is the largest automobile museum in Moscow according to his owner Dmitry Oktyabrsky. It was his surname that made the choice of the second name of the museum, and not historical events.

About 3,000 exhibits are presented on the renovated area of 7,000 m², 150 of which are four-wheeled vehicles.

For convenience, all the halls are divided into thematic sections, decorated in the spirit of the respective era.

Here you can get acquainted with samples of Soviet classics, European luxury, American style, English chic, sports spirit.

There are also interactive platforms that allow you not only to admire the model you like, but also to touch it. And the most dedicated lovers of retro technology can even go home in a car they like – the museum also sells exhibits.

The pride of the museum:

Soviet models are also exhibited in all their diversity: GAZ-12 ZIM, a native of the Serpukhov plant SMZ S-3A, Zaporozhets, GAZ M-20 Pobeda, GAZ-13 Chaika, Zhiguli-2103

Along with full-fledged cars, stands with miniature copies are also available.

Working hours: daily, 10:00–21:00.

Tickets: Entrance ticket on weekends and weekdays costs – 1000 rubles. Pensioners, students, large families and children from 3 to 10 years old have benefits.

Address: Samokatnaya st., 4/34, Moscow. Nearest metro: Ploshchad Ilyicha, Rimskaya, Kurskaya.

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