Morabanc will play against Barça in the playoffs

Morabanc will play against Barça in the playoffs

It is the Andorran team’s 19th win and they are currently 6th in the league table

Spectacular is the word to best describe their performance yesterday. They played against Valencia who are currently in fourth position. The team did it again when they stunned the crowd with a 87-69 win against the favorites. However it could have become even  better if Real Madrid hadn’t lost against Herbalife Gran Canaria who would have pushed Morabanc down to 5th. They would have faced Valencia again in the playoffs but unfortunately they will have to toughen it out against the catalan giants: FC Barcelona Lassa, who have also gained access to the European championships for next season. But all things aside, they are currently making history with their present ranking being  their best position yet.

Barcelona can be a scary team and Andorra will have to prepare well if they want to beat them. They lost  their last encounter in the Palau Blaugrana but they also beat them several times, so at this stage anything can happen. The first match will take place in Barcelona, Sunday at 20:45.

The match was disputed at 20:30 at home. At first they struggled to fill the scoresheet until Andrew Albicy gave them their first triple to start the game on a good level. They knew it would be a tough game but the first quarter was very equal: 16 to 20. The second quarter started with triples from Shurna and Jelínek. Intensity was key here, the Andorrans outplayed the Valencians even though they did show some resistance. The score was 40 to 32 with a magnificent triple from Albicy and they finished the quarter with some margin.

The second half was even better with the same tempo as before and Jelínek showing some magical three pointers. The adversary was desperate for a comeback but Albicy was also very precise with his long distance shooting. The home fans were satisfied with the 65-53 point lead. The last quarter was intense and they had to remain focused because if had been defeated they would have faced Real Madrid who are in first position. However they made it through and won the game with Albicy being the man of the match with a spectacular 27 points.

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