Monument to Vladimir Shukhov in Moscow

The monument to Vladimir Shukhov was installed at the end of Sretensky Boulevard in Moscow (facing Turgenevskaya Square) and opened on December 2, 2008.

Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov (1853 – 1939) – an outstanding Russian and Soviet engineer, architect, inventor and scientist, who entered the history of world architecture as an innovator, who was the first to use mesh steel shells for the construction of buildings and towers and created on their basis the world’s first hyperboloid structures. Subsequently, the solutions found by Shukhov began to be widely used in world architecture (and are used today).

Among other things, according to the projects of the engineer, the first Russian oil pipeline (Balakhany – Black City, 1878) and an oil refinery with oil cracking units (1931) were built. Over the years of his work, Shukhov participated in the construction of more than 400 bridges, and also designed the floors of GUM, Kievsky railway station, the Main Post Office and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts; according to his project, the famous radio tower on Shabolovka – the Shukhov Tower – was built in Moscow.

The authors of the monument: sculptors Salavat Shcherbakov and Sergey Shcherbakov. The sponsor of the creation of the monument was the oil company “Lukoil”.

It is curious that his great-grandson, Vladimir F. Shukhov, posed for the figure of the famous engineer. The place for the installation of the sculpture was not chosen by chance: Shukhov lived for a long time in a house at the intersection of Myasnitskaya Street and the Boulevard Ring, in addition, the main building of the Lukoil oil company is located here.

Located near the metro stations Turgenevskaya, Chistye Prudy, Sretensky Boulevard.

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