Opera singer Montserrat Caballé is accused of tax payment evasion and resources concealment on Andorran bank accounts

montserrat-caballeOpera singer MontserratCaballé  is accused of tax payment evasion in Barcelona (Catalonia). The case against Montserrat Caballé  is tried at the court that will determine punitive measures in case the guilt is proved. The public prosecution office considers that Montserrat Caballé must present the document to Spanish authorities as far as the majority of the time the singer spends in Barcelona.

Nevertheless, Catalan authorities claimed that Montserrat has obtained the residency in Andorra and registered all the necessary documents via local company, depriving Spanish authorities of substantial tax sums. The sum, concealed by the singer on Andorran bank accounts, is estimated to be more than half million euro.

It should be mentioned that Montserrat, being an opera star, has gained global acceptance. She is famous for her bel canto technique, she was performing leading parties in Italian operas of Rossini , Bellini and Donizetti.

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