Montfalcó Murallat is a village in the municipality of Olujas, in the province of Lérida, in SpainCatalonia. It is located in the comarca of Segarra.

The town is located at the confluence of the river Sió and its tributary on the left, the Vergós stream.

The 15 houses in the town centre, built compactly around a square where the slopes of the roofs converge, and the parish church of Sant Pere, is one of the best examples in Catalonia of a walled town, i.e. a town protected by walls, with no buildings outside the walls.

It is a type of town typical of the ancient and medieval periods.

It was under the jurisdiction of the Duke of Cardona.

Towards the middle of the 19th century, the place had a population of 37 inhabitants.

Shortest distances 

From Figueres 2 hr 1 min (175 km) via C-25

From Girona 1 hr 42 min (165 km) via C-25

From Barcelona 1 hr 16 min (98.3 km) via A-2

From Madrid 4 hr 54 min (530 km) via A-2

From Andorra 2 hr 20 min (184 km) via C-16 and C-25

Main information

Area: 3.8 sq. km

Population: 40

Languages: Spanish, Catalan

Currency: euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

Coordinates: 41°41′20″N 1°20′22″E

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