Montclar Castle: awarded the qualification of cultural heritage of all Spanish significance

Montclar Castle (cat. Castell de Montclar)

Montclar d’Urgell Castle (cat. Montclar d’Urgell) is located in the village of Montclar d’Urgell, part of Agramunt city of Urgell comarca, Lleida province, CataloniaSpain. It was awarded the qualification of cultural heritage of all Spanish significance. It is favorably located in one of the highest points of the Montclar mountain range.

Its walls rise on the foundation of an ancient Roman tower. In the XVII century, the castle was restored in the style of the Catalan Renaissance. The castle was last rebuilt in 1970. In 1979 it was granted the status of the Monument of History and Art.

The building, composed of well-hewn stone, contains various elements that provided defense mechanisms: there is an inclined embankment, and corner turrets with a battlement. The entrance to the castle leads through a wide arched doorway framed with large stones. On the castle’s arch stone is a shield with a feudal coat of arms, which dates from 1635. In 1970, the castle was carefully restored.

Montclar d'Urgell Castle

The interior of the castle has been restored and consists of spacious rooms. It is worth noting the wine cellar, where wooden barrels for wine have been preserved, armour, meeting visitors at the entrance, a majestic central staircase, library and music room.

It is also interesting to explore the upper terrace with a well, which offers scenic views. Among other historical elements of the castle, one cannot miss the original stone eyes in the dungeon for the supervision of prisoners and for the observation of enemies on the outer walls; an extensive feast hall where medieval style dinners take place; dungeons and casemates; as well as a special box leading from the castle to the private chapel of St. James (cat. Sant Jaume).

Until the 14th century, the Montclar castle was owned by the Ponts family (cat. Ponts), in the 16th century it passed to the Guimera  family (cat. Guimerà), then in 1686, as a dowry, it became the property of the Despujol clan (Palemrola marquises) (cat. Palemrola ).

In 1919, the Barony of Montclar was established, which was granted by the Marquis Palemrola, Josep M. Despujol i Ricart (cat. Josep M. Despujol i Ricart).

Since 1200, the castle has changed its owners five times: it was owned by the Cabrera family (cat. Cabrera), Ribelles (cat. Ribelles), Ponts, Despoujol and, since 1986, Miguel (cat. Miguel), a family whose roots go to the land of Baix Empordà (cat. Baix Empordà) (Palau-sator locks (cat. Palau-sator), Palau Sacosta (cat. Palau Sacosta) and Pubol (cat. Púbol)).

How to get to

From Andorra: N145, C14, LV3022

From Lleida: С13, C26, C14, LV3022

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