Urbanization of the cities. Cairo – interesting facts

Urbanization of the cities. Views on Cairo

Cairo – interesting facts

● World-famous Egyptian pyramids are located on the outskirts of Giza, a southwestern suburb of Cairo. The circular road and the Al-Ahram (Pyramids) highway connect Giza with the main part of the city. The urban development has come close to the Giza plateau now, and the nearest house is only 200 meters from the Sphinx.
● The air route leading to the glide path of the Cairo airport passes directly above the pyramids, so air passengers whose planes land in Cairo have the opportunity to admire these wonders of the world.
● There are 9 traffic lights (May 2008) only in the 18 millionth Big Cairo. Drivers calmly ride the red light at the same time.
● There is an unusual quarter known as the City of garbagemen on the outskirts. It is inhabited mainly by Egyptian Christians – Copts, who collect garbage from the whole city and sort it for secondary use. Waste is found everywhere among houses, on roofs, and in courtyards, spreading an unpleasant odor throughout the quarter. This is a family business that brings pretty decent income, by local standards, to its members. A modern temple and religious complex were built at the quarter’s highest point, it is richly decorated and beautifully equipped. The cathedral, which is located in a cave in the thickness of the cliff, holds up to 20 thousand parishioners

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