B&W photography by Miquel Merce


MIQUEL MERCE ARQUITECTE (Escaldes-Engordany, 1982), architect, designer and photographer, graduated in IUT Civil Engineering and Master in architecture registered in the Architects Registration Board of Andorra in 2007, works several years with RCR Architects Olot on various international projects. In 2010, he opened his studio in Andorra and participates in various important projects of architecture, urbanism and landscape across the country. Winner of the competition for the redevelopment of Plaça Coprínceps in 2014, winner of the competition for the old town of Canillo in 2015, among others. In addition to these architectural projects he develops at the same time a photographic artistic practice of great interest with different solo exhibitions in Andorra, but also in neighboring countries, leading to an exhibition in autumn 2015, in the prestigious art gallery Pilar Riberaygua.

Direct speech: Various aspects and values allow me to practice these two artistic disciplines with a unique philosophy: Sensitivity.

In architecture a project whose complexity calls for months even years of work, whereas in photography time is measured in fractions of a second. Moreover, Architecture generate two-dimensional drawings to represent a non existing building; in Photography, a tangent reality in three-dimensions is captured as a two-dimensional photography.

From the unreal to the real in Architecture, from the real to the unreal in Photography, a path with two directions and a single destination: Sensitivity…


INSTALLATION _”Apart . i . Tura”, Instal·lació en pati i exposició personal Olot 2010 (Fotografia i Instalació)
EXHIBITION _ “entre natura i arquitectura” CIAM museu de l’aigua, Escaldes 2014 (Fotografia)
EXHIBITION _“BEYOND VISION”, vallmedic vision Andorra (Dr. Hanneken) 2014 (Fotografia)
INSTALLATION _ “LONGITUD SENSE AMPLADA”, Biennal Andorra Land Art 2015 (Fotografia i Instalació)
EXHIBITION _ “FORO RCR”, selecció d’arquitectes obra construida, Olot, 2015 (Arquitectura)
EXHIBITION _ ”POETIC CONTRAST”, exposició personal en la Galeria Pilar Riberaygua, Andorra 2015 (Fotografia)
1st PRIZE _ competition centre cívic-cultural a la Cometa Girona 2010
1st PRIZE _ competition Centre gastronòmic Hostalric 2010
PRE-FINALIST SELECTION _ Millor Obra Construida ARCHDAILY Chile 2011
1st PRIZE _ competition d’arquitectura internacional Centre Sport Wellness “BodyLanguage” a QATAR 2013
1st PRIZE _ competition remodelació plaça Coprinceps 2014
1st PRIZE _ competition exposició permanent edifici telecabina de Canillo 2015

Direct contacts of Miquel Merce Arquitecte: tel. +376 633 419; email: [email protected]

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