The Ministry of Economics and Finance is situated in Bercy, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris (France) opposite the Accor Arena. The building it shares with the Ministry of Public Action and Accounts extends to the Seine, where there is an embarcadero with fast river boats for faster liaisons to other government agencies. It is also served by Paris Métro lines 6 and 14 at Bercy station.

The saying “the Bercy Fortress” (French: la forteresse de Bercy) refers to the ministry as a dark department with obscure civil servants, especially of high rank. This is emphasised by the impressive look of the building. The architects Paul Chemetov and Borja Huidobro designed the building. The 370m long contemporary building is parallel to the Boulevard and Pont de Bercy (bridge).

The ministry spreads over an area of 230,000m2.

It consists of five buildings, all named after former finance ministers: Colbert, Necker, Sully, Turgot and Vauban.

The upper part of the building is a long structure consisting of a single block.

Gigantic windows open the lower part and form a series of 32m long arches. The two end arches are 72m long.

Style: Postmodernism

Period of construction: 1986 – 1989

Address: 139 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, France.

Working hours:

Wednesday 8 AM–6 PM
Thursday 8 AM–6 PM
Friday 8 AM–6 PM
Saturday 8 AM–6 PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8 AM–6 PM
Tuesday 8 AM–6 PM.

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