Military equipment of the USSR: anti-aircraft search projector station type Z-15-4B. Platform – ZIS 12. The generator capacity is 20 kW. A crew – 5 people. The range of the beam is 12000 m. The diameter of the reflector is 150 cm.

Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow

ZIS-12 is a Soviet medium-duty truck of the ZIS plant, which was an elongated modification of the ZIS-5.

An elongated modification of the ZIS-5 was developed by order of the Red Army for the installation of various weapons and military equipment on it, in particular the 72-K anti-aircraft gun, the Z-15-4 anti-aircraft searchlight station, the ZT-2 sound pickup installation, etc.

Production of the ZIS-12 began in 1934 and continued until the autumn of 1941. A total of 4223 cars were produced. Export modification of the car was called ZIS-14.

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