The military amphibious Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimwagen

The military amphibious Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimwagen. Created with the participation of Ferdinand Porsche. Volkswagen Schwimmwagen is recognized as the most mass amphibious vehicle of the Second World War: over 15 thousand copies have been produced in 4 years, including 1308 at the Porsche plant in Stuttgart. The German floating vehicle of high cross-country capability for military purposes was created for the Wehrmacht army and SS troops. On the water Schwimwagen used a propeller, and also the rotating wheels of both axles.

Vadim Zadorozhny’s Museum of Equipment, Russia

Years of production: 1941-1944

Country of origin: Germany

Issued: 15584 items

Weight: 910 kg

Power: 25 hp

Speed ​​on water: 10 km / h

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