Michelin NZG from Concorde’s main landing gear

Concorde’s main landing gear comprises of two sets of four-wheel bogies. The main landing gear was designed by Messier-Dowty and has to shorten during the retraction process, as it would otherwise not be able to fit into the bays in the wing roots after take-off. It is also fitted with a spray guard to prevent water from wet runways being flung-up and sucked into the engine air intakes and also fitted with Oleo-pneumatic shock-absorbers.

Main landing gear facts

Number of wheels on each bogie – 4

Direction of retraction -Inwards

Tyre size – 47X15.75-22

Tyre type – Michelin NZG

Tyre pressure – 232PSI

Brakes – 4 X Dunlop Carbon Fibre with SNECMA (Hispano) SPAD anti-skid units

The manufacturer – Messier-Dowty

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