Mexico in Andorra: Monday, 6th May – Sunday 19th May in the The Era of Ordino

Geografies is an annual project that presents cultures and countries, through conferences with specialised speakers and practical workshops, art exhibitions and cinematic projections. All are free. (To participate in the workshops, you must register in advance. Places Limited. Either Tel. (+376) 878 178 or email [email protected])

Geografies this year shows the cultural complexity and the charm of Mexico. (Last year it was Japan.)


MONDAY 6th at 19h. A conference: Mèxic, calidoscopi o trencaclosques. (Mexico, kaleidoscope or puzzles) with Pere Vilanova & Luz Muñoz. A tour of some of the aspects of kaleidoscopic Mexico: from the “War of the Christians” to institutionalized revolution.

TUESDAY 7th at 19h. A Conference: Narcotrafic i la gran frontera (Drug trafficking and the big border) with Francesc Relea. In the northwest of Mexico, close to the US border, drug trafficking flows alongside the trafficking of people and weapons. Francesc Relea has worked as a special envoy for different countries and a correspondent for the newspaper El País in Buenos Aires and Mexico.

WEDNESDAY 8th at 19h. A Conference with Sonia García García. Ser dona a Mèxic (To be a woman in Mexico.) What changes have Mexican women experienced in the last five decades? Sonia García offers a personal testimony of the women’s world in Mexico.

In 2000 she received the National Journalism Prize awarded by the Club de Periodistas de México.

THURSDAY 9th at 19h. A Conference with Mexican creators: Beyond Frida Kahlo with Alma Reza, an historian. Post-revolutionary Mexico encouraged the creation of art linked to the national

reconstruction project so that other forms of expression remained in oblivion.

FRIDAY 10th at 19h A Conference. Peiot with Josan Ruiz: an experience of collective vision. Josan Ruiz is director of the magazine, Viajes Nacional Geographic. The ritual consumption of peyote cactus is the axis of the cosmogony of the Huichol people. It is also a form of therapy and a source of artistic inspiration.

SATURDAY 11th May at 11h A Workshop on Calaveritas with the artist Ruth González. Learn the technique of decoration sugar skulls using coloured metallic rocks and royal glacé icing.

Saturday, 11th May – Saturday, 25th May at La Capsa, Spaces of creation, Ordino, Andorra (Pyrenees) (Registration: 878 175 / 835 861 or [email protected] ) May Art Saturdays. Three art workshops in May in La Capsa, with Montse Sabio, Gemma Piera and Jean-Luc Herbert

11/05 – We are a Front

18/05 – Introduction to Ceramics

05/05 – Photography: studies with a model

Saturday 11th from 10h – 20h and Sunday, 12th May from 11h – 19h at the Aparcament Camp Gran Parking, San Julia de Loria. Second-hand Car Fair.

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