Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 35. Barcelona public transport (Catalonia)

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City minibus variant has been in production since 1995 and is marketed through EvoBus. The Freightliner variant has been in production since 2007. There are three sizes, Sprinter City 35, 65 and 77, with two automatic doors: a set of double doors at the front, used for passengers getting on or off and having a disabled ramp; and a single door behind the rear wheel for passengers alighting, which opens off some stairs in the high-floor area. There is also a manual door on the offside into the driver’s cab.

Assembly: Algeria (Tiaret)

Year of production: 2014

Capacity: 38 (10 seats)

Engine: 4 cylinders; 2,100 cc

Power: 178 HP

Max speed: 139 km/h

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