Mercedes-Benz Conecto Euro VI (third generation)

In September 2016, the 3rd generation Conecto was presented in Warsaw (Poland). Several improvements were done for the new Conecto, as well as driving safety, passenger comfort, handling and Euro 6 engines, while the operation costs still stay low. Examples for high standard of safety are Electronic Stability Program (ESP) on solo versions and Articulation Turntable Controller (ATC) on articulated versions. Conecto and Conecto G NGT powered by natural gas are also available for the first time. Like the 2nd generation, the 3rd generation Conecto is solely available with 3 doors (solo version) and 4 doors (articulated version). In 3rd generation Conecto, only Euro VI-compliant engines are available (OM936 in 12 m, OM470 in 18 m and M936G in gas versions); the 2nd generation Conecto, with Euro V-compliant engines (OM926LA in 12 m and OM457LA in 18 m models), continues to be marketed in certain non-EU developing markets in eastern Europe, the Middle East and west Asia, alongside the 3rd generation Conecto.

The new generation Conecto offers you a choice between two models and two engine variants, depending on the individual operation required of it. The Conecto low-floor bus with its three double doors is available powered by a frugal, efficient diesel engine. It is now also available as an NGT natural gas powered bus. The 18-metre-long Conecto G and Conecto G NGT articulated buses feature four double doors for rapid boarding and disembarking.

Whether as a 12-metre solo bus or an 18-metre-long articulated bus – the Conecto offers comfortable and flexible equipment as well as a light and spacious interior. The 12-metre version offers a total capacity for up to 101 persons, while the diesel-powered articulated bus has room for up to 150 passengers.

Entry is greatly assisted by the ‘kneeling’ feature which lowers the bus to kerb level at stops.

Assembly plant: Istanbul (Turkey)

Years of production: 2018—

Length: 12,134 mm

Width: 2,550 mm

Height: 3,120 mm

Capacity: 105 passengers (25 seats)

Engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 936 (diesel)

ECO standard: Euro-6

Engine specs: 6 cylinders; 7,700 cc

Power: 280 HP (220 kW)

Max speed: 125 km/h

Fuel consumption: 22 l/100 km

Weight (max authorized): 19,500 kg

Photo: Enzo Rodrigues

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