Mercedes-Benz Conecto LF II (C628.310)

Mercedes-Benz Conecto LF II (C628.310). Public transport of Moscow

In year 2007, the 2nd generation Conecto was presented and is both available as standard 12m and articulated 18m version. They are however only available with 3 doors (solo version) and 4 doors (articulated version). Unlike its predecessor as an independent model series (a step-entrance bus derived from O405, model designation O345), it is a technically simplified version of Citaro, with low floor configuration and vertical engines. It is recognizable with the changed exterior design and small differences in interior’s design in opposition to Citaro and is mainly sold in eastern Europe, the Middle East and west Asia.

The 3rd generation is, since 2018, also sold in Italy (when low-floor Conecto was never officially sold before).

Mercedes-Benz Conecto LF II (C628.310). Public transport of Istanbul

Like previous step-entrance Conecto models, the low-floor Conecto is also produced at Mercedes-Benz Türk factory in Istanbul, Turkey.

At the heart of the Conecto concept is a low floor over the whole area of the passenger compartment. The vertical position of the engine allows for getting rid of steps at all the entrance doors. This ensures that passengers get on and off the bus comfortably and passenger traffic can move freely around any part of the bus. And the modern route displays help passengers to find their way around.

All equipment and installations on-board Conecto are selected in accordance with usage conditions.

The flexible handrail system fits around your seat arrangement option.

Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz (Istanbul, Turkey)

Years of production: 2007—2016

Length: 11,950 mm

Width: 2,550 mm

Height: 3,076 mm

Capacity: 32 seats + 71 standees (total: 103)

Engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 926 LA (Euro V)

Displacement: 7,200 cm³ (6 cylinders)

Power: 275 HP (205 kW)

Max speed: 95 km/h

Weight: 11,210 kg

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