Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL (W126): grey color

The Mercedes-Benz W126 is the company’s internal designation for its second generation S-Class, manufactured in sedan/saloon (1979–1991) and coupé (1981–1990) models, succeeding the company’s W116 range. Mercedes introduced the 2-door C126 coupé model, marketed as the SEC, in September 1981. This generation was the first S-Class to have separate chassis codes for standard and long wheelbases (W126 and V126) and for coupé (C126).

The long 12-year production (1979–1991) resulted in 818,063 sedans/saloons and 74,060 coupés being built, totalling 892,123. W126 is so far the most successful and the longest in production for S-Class.

The pre-facelift model range (1979–1985 for sedan/saloon and 1982–1985 for coupé) included the 280 S/SE/SEL, 300 SD (North American market only), 380 SE/SEL/SEC, and 500 SE/SEL/SEC. The revised second series (1986–1991) with petrol engines included 260 SE, 300 SE/SEL, 420 SE/SEL/SEC, 500 SE/SEL/SEC, and 560 SE/SEL/SEC. The diesel-engined facelift version for the North American market only included the 300 SDL (the first diesel S-Class with long wheelbase) and then the 350 SD/SDL (the first diesel S-Class to be available in both wheelbase lengths).


2.6 L M103 I6
2.8 L M110 I6
3.0 L M103 I6
3.8 L M116 V8
4.2 L M116 V8
5.0 L M117 V8
5.5 L M117 V8
3.0 L OM617 I5
3.0 L OM603 I6
3.5 L OM603 I6


4-speed 4G-TRONIC automatic
4-speed manual
5-speed manual

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