Medieval fair in Súria (Fira Medieval d’Oficis de Súria)

For many years, the Medieval Fair in Suria, SpainCatalonia, has been one of the most significant festive events in the province of Bages and, in general, Catalonia, with craftsmen’s workshops and stalls, a real blacksmith, traditional Catalan cuisine, snacks and sweets and masterclasses for the manufacture of handicrafts for children of any age.

The medieval fair in Súria also holds host to a variety of street performances (dances, music, songs and knights fights), which are strictly adhered to in the style of the Middle Ages.

The old town is the perfect place to convey the feeling of a small medieval village. Its squares and streets are decorated with straw, canvases, flags, tapestries, shopping malls, flowers and other elements to turn a fair visit into a real journey through time.

The last highlight of the medieval fair was the re-creation of an underground salt mine with characters that communicate with visitors, make fun of them and create a festive mood.

The fun performance by the local writer and screenwriter Jaume Esquius, also the singer and musician Jaume Arnella and choreographer Joan Serra, was also devoted to the development of the Surya salt deposits.

The scenery of the city also deserved special attention – flags and canvases were hung all over the city, merchants and some visitors were dressed in festive medieval costumes.

The fair is held annually on the second weekend of November.

photo: Alex Monroe


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