MAZ-206. Transport of Moscow

MAZ-206.486 (Restyling variant for Moscow city)

MAZ-206 is a Belarusian middle-class semi-low-floor city bus manufactured by the Minsk Automobile Plant. Designed for large cities with average or moderately low passenger flows. As of summer 2023, at least 4,300 pieces have been produced.


On June 14, 2006, an internal presentation of the bus took place for the management and employees of the Minsk Automobile Plant; in August 2006, at the Moscow Motor Show, the MAZ-206 was recognized as the best city bus. And in 2007, serial production of the bus began.

In 2012, in Ivanovo, one of the MAZ-206 buses was converted into a MAZ-206T trolleybus, and later transferred to operation in Vidnoye.

Also in 2007, a suburban modification of the MAZ-226 bus was released. One of its differences from the basic bus is the large number of seats (increased to 31) near the second door. A small luggage compartment can also be built-in.

In 2021, MAZ-206.486 buses with a changed design (restyling) of the front part of the headlights, which is similar to Nefaz-5299 buses, entered routes in Moscow. Since August 2021, MAZ-206.945 and MAZ-206.947 buses with a similar design have been operating in St.Petersburg. In 2022, 889 buses of the MAZ-203 and MAZ-206 models powered by CNG and LNG of various modifications were delivered as part of the NMTO.

Since February 2023, new restyled buses began to appear in the Republic of Belarus: the city of Pinsk, Brest region, received 3 restyled MAZ-206.047 buses, becoming the first owner of restyled MAZ-206.


The MAZ-206.486 is a Moscow variant of MAZ-206 series with a restyling version. It has a diesel Mercedes-Benz OM924LA engine (Euro-5). It’s production starts since 2020.

Assembly: Minsk (Belarus)

Years of production: 2007—

Production: +4300

Length: 8,650 mm

Width: 2,550 mm

Height: 2,930 mm

Capacity: 72 passengers (25 seats)

Engine: MMZ D-245 (Euro V)

Engine (specs): 4 cylinders; 4850 cc

Power: 205 HP

Max speed: 90 km/h

Empty weight: 13,275 kg

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