MAZ-103 is a Belarusian large-capacity city bus. It was produced by the Minsk Automobile Plant from 1996 to 2022. It has a semi-low-floor cabin, meaning there is a step only at the rear door.

This bus became the basis for the creation of several models that differ in layout and purpose.


In 1992, the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) entered into a licensing agreement with Neoplan. According to this agreement, the MAZ-101 model was to appear at the plant. However, due to the high price and low reliability when used on poor quality roads, this model was unable to compete in the CIS market. In the end, only five buses were built under license.

The plant decided to use Russian components and adapt the design to local conditions. This is how the MAZ-103 bus appeared. It featured a rear axle of its own design instead of the portal axle that was used in the MAZ-101. Because of this, a step appeared in the rear door (unlike the other two doors), but the price, reliability and maintainability of the bus improved.

Also, the assembly of MAZ-103 buses was carried out in Nizhny Novgorod at the Samotlor-NN enterprise. Such buses have a different front mask with smaller round headlights. Also in Nizhny Novgorod, a version of the MAZ-103 school bus was produced.

Since 2008, a restyled version of the bus has been produced with a more modern exterior and interior design.

Since 2017, it has also been produced with a compressed natural gas engine (modification MAZ-103.965).

In January 2021, in connection with the launch of the third generation bus, the MAZ-303, an order was signed to remove the MAZ-103 from production, but despite this, the bus continued to be produced until 2022.

It is operated in several dozen cities in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, and Poland.


Over the entire history of production of the MAZ-103 model, about 50 modifications were created: both urban and suburban (door formula 2-2-0, 4 rows of seats), both with a diesel engine and with a gas engine (modifications 946, 965 and 966).

  • МАЗ-103.000 (urban). ММЗ-Д260.5 (Euro-0) engine. Produced between 1996—1998.
  • МАЗ-103.002 (urban). ММЗ-Д260.5 (Euro-1) engine. Produced between 1999—2004.
  • МАЗ-103.003 (urban). ММЗ-Д260.5 (Euro-2) engine. Produced between 2005—2008.
  • МАЗ-103.005 (urban). ММЗ-Д260.5 (Euro-1) engine. Produced between 1999—2001.
  • МАЗ-103.040 (urban). Renault MIDR 06.02.26 (Euro-1) engine. Produced between 1998—2000.
  • МАЗ-103.041 (urban). Renault MIDR 06.02.26 (Euro-1) engine. Produced between 2000—2004.
  • МАЗ-103.060 (urban). Mercedes-Benz OM906LA (Euro-2) engine. Produced between 2000—2007.
  • МАЗ-103.061 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-2) engine. Produced between 2004—2006.
  • МАЗ-103.062 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2003—2008.
  • МАЗ-103.065 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2003—2008.
  • МАЗ-103.067 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3). Produced in 2005 in one exemplar.
  • МАЗ-103.068 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3). Produced in 2007.
  • МАЗ-103.070 (urban). Deutz BF6M1013EC (Euro-2). Produced in 2002.
  • МАЗ-103.075 (urban). Deutz BF6M1013EC (Euro-2). Produced between 2002—2007.
  • МАЗ-103.076 (urban). Deutz BF6M1013FC (Euro-3). Produced between 2007—2008.
  • МАЗ-103.С00 (suburban). ММЗ-Д260.5 (Euro-0) engine. Produced in 1997 in one exemplar.
  • МАЗ-103.С02 (suburban). ММЗ-Д260.5 (Euro-1) engine. Produced in 1999.
  • МАЗ-103.С03 (suburban). ММЗ-Д260.5 (Euro-2) engine. Produced between 2006—2008.
  • МАЗ-103.С41 (suburban). Renault MIDR 06.02.26 (Euro-0) engine. Produced in 2000.
  • МАЗ-103.С61 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-2) engine. Produced between 2005—2007.
  • МАЗ-103.С62 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2004—2008.
  • МАЗ-103.С65 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2005—2008.
  • МАЗ-103.С70 (suburban). Deutz BF6M1013EC (Euro-2) engine. Produced in 2002.
  • МАЗ-103.С76 (suburban). Deutz BF6M1013FC (Euro-3) engine. Produced in 2008.
  • МАЗ-103.415 (urban). OM926LA (Euro-5) engine. Produced between 2017—2019.
  • МАЗ-103.445 (urban). Weichai WP7 300E51 (Euro-5) engine. Produced between 2018—2022.
  • МАЗ-103.462 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2009—2013.
  • МАЗ-103.464 (urban). OM906LA (Euroe-4) engine. Produced between 2014—2017.
  • МАЗ-103.465 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2008—2013.
  • МАЗ-103.468 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2011—2013.
  • МАЗ-103.469 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2013—2017.
  • МАЗ-103.476 (urban). Deutz BF6M1013FC (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2008—2013.
  • МАЗ-103.484 (urban). Produced in 2016 in one exemplar.
  • МАЗ-103.485 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-4) engine. Produced between 2013—2018.
  • МАЗ-103.486 (urban). OM926LA (Euro-5) engine. Produced between 2015—2021.
  • МАЗ-103.495 (urban). Navistar MWM6.12 (Euro-3). Produced in 2009.
  • МАЗ-103.515 (suburban). OM926LA (Euro-5) engine. Produced in 2019.
  • МАЗ-103.545 (suburban). Weichai WP7 300E51 (Euro-5) engine. Produced in 2020.
  • МАЗ-103.562 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2009—2014.
  • МАЗ-103.564 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-4) engine. Produced between 2014—2016.
  • МАЗ-103.565 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2009—2013.
  • МАЗ-103.569 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2013—2017.
  • МАЗ-103.575 (suburban). Deutz BF6M1013FC (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2011—2012.
  • МАЗ-103.585 (suburban). OM906LA (Euro-4) engine. Produced between 2013—2017.
  • МАЗ-103.586 (suburban). OM926LA (Euro-5) engine. Produced between 2013—2021.
  • МАЗ-103.587 (suburban). OM926LA (Euro-5) engine. Produced in 2017.
  • МАЗ-103.665 BIK (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced between 2011—2013.
  • МАЗ-103.946 (urban). Weichai WP7NG290E51 Compressed Natural gas engine. Produced in 2020.
  • МАЗ-103.965 (urban). OM906LAG CNG engine. Produced between 2015—2022.
  • МАЗ-103.966 (urban). OM906LAG (Euro-6). Produced in 2015 in one exemplar.
  • МАЗ-103.Н65 (urban). OM906LA (Euro-3) engine. Produced in 2004. 100 % low-floor bus.

Assembly: Minsk (Belarus)

Years of production: 1996—2022

Production: 8,023 units

Length: 11985 mm

Width: 2500 mm

Height: 2838 mm

Capacity: 110 passengers (28 seats)

Powerplant: ММЗ, Renault, Daimler-Benz, Deutz or Weichai

Engine (specifications for Mercedes OM906LA): 6 cylinders; 6374 cc

Power: 231 HP

Max speed: 115 km/h

Weight: 11340 kg

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