Masters of Computer Sciences and Business Administration will be graduated from the University of Andorra

foto-udaFrom 2015 the University of Andorra, San Julia de Loria, will start graduating the Masters of Computer Sciences and Business Administration. The president of the University of Andorra Daniel Bastida confirmed that starting from a new academic year that will end up in 2015 the University will start granting the degree of master to its graduates.

As for now, it will concern two specialties:  computer sciences and business administration. Thus, the University of Andorra (Pyrenees) will improve the status of its graduates, giving them the chance to precede master course education not leaving the borders of the country. The master degree, obtained at the University of Andorra is equal in its importance to the master degrees that are granted at the universities of neighboring France and Spain.

The statement of the President sounded within the bounds of the annual walk-in day of the University. Facing the students and school leavers, Daniel Bastida noted that the amount of people, educating at the University of Andorra is ever growing. Currently there are about 500 students. The level of academic progress is growing simultaneously which is explained by the strive of young people to get decent education and find a good position on the labor market. Though not manifold, but there are the students from abroad.

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