MIT launches a pilot experiment for the study of the interaction between human behavior and energy consumption started in Andorran schools

20.09.2016   //  By:   //  All news, Technologies

A pilot experiment under the operation of the Massachusetts Institute of technology () and the ministry of of Andorra for the study of the interaction between and consumption started in one of Andorran schools.

This is the first experiment that MIT initiated outside of the test center of its laboratories. The project is implemented jointly with the ministry of Education of Andorra and the Andorran fund ActuaTech, which is in charge of innovation and research development of Andorra.

As the minister of Education of Andorra Eric Jover explained at a press conference, dedicated to the launch of the project, this study is a part of the General governmental program on education reform. This pilot experiment will allow to interact with new technologies, giving new possibilities to the knowledge of the environment. Eric Jover also noted that the positive results of the study could be applicable for other Andorran schools.

The project coordinator from MIT Luis Alonso stated that the project involved the installation of 80 sensors for monitoring and recording of the changes in such parameters as temperature, CO2, air movement, light intensity and others. The goal is to allow students to see online how human behavior affects energy consumption.