Marca Andorra Observatory: “selected” tourism

Part I

Everyone knows that tourism has been and continues to be one of the main drivers of our country’s economy. Faced with the uncertainty of having to open up to new sectors, the resource of tourism has never failed us, conveying the security of what is more familiar to us, better known, of what we have been able to develop with success for decades and that has led us to where we are today.

When a few years ago we reflected on the need to redefine the Marca Andorran, we focused on attracting talent, investment and quality tourism, precisely because despite our commitment to economic diversification, the traditional sectors had to be strengthened, redefined and adapt to the new times. So, you see that the country’s promotional strategy linked to tourism has had to make efforts to continue making this sector competitive and able to contribute to Andorra’s economic stability.

And quite a bit of effort has been made to boost the country’s tourism sector. We have seen it with the fight against “deseasonalization” and that has precisely made the ski areas and their summer proposal gain more strength in the field of family and sports tourism every time. We have also seen the increasing importance for years of competitive and training sports events, as well as an increasingly well-structured cultural or gastronomic offer, without forgetting the efforts to generate new experiences that reinforce the activity of the central commercial axis of the country.

We see a common denominator in all actions and initiatives: keeping alive the capacity to attract tourism. Although, here we need to add one more factor to consider, and it is the type of tourist that suits us best. In this sense, it seems clear that we have gradually been betting more on quality than on quantity. And I would say that the concept of “quality” fits very well with the values that inspire Andorra, and that at the same time it is what we aim to offer to our citizens and visitors.

Respect for the environment and our unique natural environment, the preservation of public safety, the promotion of culture, sport, training and health, and in general, the unquestionable commitment to sustainable growth, these are the values that mark the path of the strategy to follow, also in the field of tourism. And in this quality environment it is now our turn to highlight our best and most select tourist offer which, together with everything that has already been done well for years, has just positioned us with respect to that most demanding target of tourist, which also undoubtedly deserves our attention, and which must come to complete the virtuous circle of Andorra’s tourist excellence. We are talking about “luxury” or “premium” tourism.

To be continued…

By Pere Augé, CEO and Founding Partner of Augé Holding Group


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