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A few years ago, it occurred to me, a person who likes to play with concepts from time to time, to describe Andorra as “a sexy country” or even “a boutique country”. Those who wish, can go to the digital library of the El Periodic newspaper, but in any case, and when there was not yet the offer that exists today, it was very easy for me to explain to the world how select and differential could be what visitors could find for themselves in our unique setting, and what’s reinforced with a growing will to aim for excellence today.

And then, just a year after, the Government and Andorra Tourism presented us with the initiative: “Andorra Selected”, a new sub-brand derived from the Marca Andorra. It is aimed to present our country as a “Premium destination” that is being based on exclusivity, uniqueness and personalization, as well as the high quality of the product and/or service and customer experience, in this regard the basic objectives were set: to increase the stay and the average expenditure of the tourist, improve and internationalize the tourist profile and work on the improvement and growth of the existing offer, creating new business opportunities in this segment.

In this process, at the end of March, the first 17 establishments that had obtained the “Andorra Selected Certified Excellence” label were announced, mainly shops, hotels and gastronomic establishments, as well as companies specializing in leisure and sports and also in VIP transport. Their names and details can be found on the corresponding web page. Therefore, if the process continues its course, it may lead to extension of the list and appearance of new establishments in a second round of evaluations that will be carried out in the summer by an international jury.

Of course, this initiative will not meet the expectations of promoters and participating establishments if all available promotional mechanisms are not used. This has also been planned and recently Andorra Selected presented itself at the fair held in Barcelona known as “Connections Luxury”, which organization has proven experience in bringing destinations, suppliers and customers into contact, in order to find formulas to successfully make

promotional projects such as the one Andorra is applying for. It seems that other specific international actions are also planned, in addition to fairs such as the PURE Life Experiences, in Marrakesh or the Loop, in Greece, although the priority objective is the ILTM in Cannes, but remember that in order to promote the “premiumness” of Andorra there must be a proven offer that needs to be expanded and improved based on the learning that our tourism actors can experience in the coming times and the patronage of the country’s specialized institutions that will accompany them so that the strategy brings the desired results and who knows, maybe in a not too distant time we will also be able to organize events at the level of those organized by Connections Luxury.

In this sense, we must be ambitious and realize that in order to become a reference in high-quality tourism, we must organize the committed collective in such a way that it becomes a forum for continuous reflection, active and committed, in order to be capable of positioning Andorra at the highest level. Andorra Selected is a good example, one more of the several that are being developed, and that can contribute to the dissemination of the Marca Andorra, as long as it has the follow-up, continuity and maximum support of all the agents involved.

By Pere Augé, CEO and Founding Partner of Augé Holding Group


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