Make me smart. I want to speak. How are Andorran children able to speak at least 5 languages by the time they’ve left primary school?

make me smart

Make me smart. I want to speak.
How are Andorran children able to speak at least 5 languages by the time they’ve left primary school?

Andorra is the only country in the world “where 3 education systems are simultaneously present”.

The literacy rate in Andorra is 100%.

In 2016, Irina Bokova (UNESCO Director) visited Andorra and she said that “Andorra is the only country in the world where the presence of three primary educational systems – French, Spanish and Andorran – make it possible to use this experience for the development of the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI). There are no countries who share this trait in the world – Andorra is unique in this respect. ”

State investment in education in Andorra amounts to 4.8% of GDP (as of 01.01.2017).

Make me smarter?

After 10 years of primary education, so before higher education has even begin, your child will be able to speak four languages fluently


In Andorra, there are 3 levels of education: primary education, secondary education and vocational education. Primary and secondary education are compulsory and free of charge for Andorrans and residents. In total, the number of students in schools in Andorra in 2016 was, according to the Department of Statistics, 10,825 people. All pupils are taught in French, Spanish and Catalan respectively. All schools are built and maintained by the authorities of Andorra, but teachers in French and Spanish schools are paid mainly by France and Spain.

The only private (fee-paying) school in Andorra is in the district of La Massana, where education is conducted in English and Spanish.

In addition, in a number of districts there are Catholic schools.

The primary school year starts on 9th September (the day after 8th September – the main Andorran holiday – the Day of Andorra) and ends on 27th June.

The Andorran education system was set up in 1982. This system is currently the least popular among the huge number of foreign residents living in Andorra, even though Andorran schools give priority to the study of the English language, as well as the fact that the infrastructure of the Andorran schools is maximally financed by the Government of the country.

Elementary schools can be found in all the country’s districts, and secondary schools are located in the larger towns (Andorra la Vella and Escaldes- Engodany). Those who graduate from secondary school will get a certificate – Andorra Bachelor’s Degree, with which they can start studying at the Universities of Spain, France and other EU countries.

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