Macintosh TV: personal computer with integrated television capabilities

The Macintosh TV is a personal computer with integrated television capabilities released by Apple Computer in 1993. It was Apple’s first attempt at computer-television integration. It shares the external appearance of the Macintosh LC 500 series, but in black. The Macintosh TV is essentially a Performa 520 that can switch its built-in 14″ Sony Trinitron CRT from being a computer display to a cable-ready television. It is incapable of showing television in a desktop window, although it can capture still frames to PICT files.

It comes with a small credit card-sized remote control that is also compatible with Sony televisions. It was the first Macintosh to be made in black and comes with a matching black keyboard and mouse. Later Apple would issue a custom black Performa 5420 in markets outside the United States with many of the features of the Mac TV. Apple’s similar TV tuner card was a popular option for later LC, Performa series, and select models of Power Macintosh G3 beige computers.

Apple museum (Moscow, Russia)

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