The first in the Macintosh LC family, the LC was introduced with the Macintosh Classic (a repackaging of the older Macintosh SE) and the Macintosh IIsi (a new entry-level machine for the Macintosh II series), and offered for half the price of the Macintosh II but significantly lesser in performance overall.

The creation of the LC was prompted by Apple’s desire to produce a product that could be sold to school boards for the same price as an Apple IIGS. It was designed for inexpensive manufacturing, with five major components that robots could assemble. The computer had a $2,400 list price; it and the new $600 12-inch color display were $3,500 less expensive than the Macintosh II. Not long after the Apple IIe Card was introduced for the LC, Apple quietly removed the IIGS from its price list, forceably retiring it, as the company wanted to focus its sales and marketing efforts on the LC.

Manufacturer: Apple Computer, Inc.

Years of production: 1990—1992

Price: $2,499 (equivalent to $5,598 in 2022)

Operating system: System 6.0.6

CPU: Motorola 68020 @ 16 MHz

Memory: 2 MB

Weight: 8.8 pounds (4.0 kg)

Apple museum (Moscow, Russia)

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