The Macintosh Classic is a personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer from October 1990 to September 1992. It was the first Macintosh to sell for less than $1,000.

Production of the Classic was prompted by the success of the original Macintosh 128K, then the Macintosh Plus, and finally the Macintosh SE. The system specifications of the Classic are very similar to those of its predecessors, with the same 9-inch (23 cm) monochrome CRT display, 512 × 342 pixel resolution, and 4 megabyte (MB) memory limit of the older Macintosh computers.

Manufacturer: Apple Computer

Years of production: 1990—1992

Price: $999 (equivalent to $2,140 in 2019)

Operating system: 6.0.3

CPU: Motorola 68000 8 MHz

Memory: 1 MB

Mass: 16 lb (7.3 kg)

Apple museum (Moscow, Russia)

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