Luzhnetsky metro bridge

Luzhnetsky (Luzhnikovsky) metro and vehicle bridge, also Luzhniki Bridge in Moscow – a two-tier arched bridge made of prestressed reinforced concrete across the Moscow River, connecting Luzhniki and Vorobyovy Gory. The upper tier is automobile, connects Komsomolsky and Vernadsky prospects, the lower one is the Sokolnicheskaya line station of the Moscow Vorobyovy Gory metro.

The bridge, opened on January 12, 1959, quickly fell into disrepair; in 1998-2002, it was actually rebuilt using the preserved load-bearing arches and channel supports.

The first project of a steel metro bridge, prepared by G.D. Popov, was rejected in favor of reinforced concrete technologies. The authors of the implemented project are V. G. Andreev, N. N. Rudomazin (engineers), K. N. Yakovlev, A. I. Susorov, N. I. Demchinsky and others. The bridge was built in 19 months.

The metro bridge became the first two-tier bridge in Moscow, in the lower tier of which the Leninskiye Gory metro station is located – the longest in the Moscow metro (272 m). The axis of the bridge crosses the channel of the Moskva River at an angle of 52°30′. Three spans (45.0 + 108.0 + 45.0 m) carried the station hall itself and the upper, road level, 25.8 m wide, made of precast concrete.

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