The luxury ZIL-118 “Youth” minibus, the original design (until 1971).

The vehicle was exhibited at the Soviet Intourist exhibition in 1967 during the International Bus Week in Nice, where it attracted mass attention and found a good export potential.

The vehicle got 12 awards, and even Henry Ford II tried to buy a license for the production of “Youth” in the USA.

An updated version appeared in 1970 in several versions: the 118K coach 118KS ambulance, both using the ZIL-508.10 V8 from ZIL trucks.

The ZIL-118 was further facelifted in the 1980s, becoming the ZIL-3207. Production ended in 1994, with total number built, of the 118K/KS and 3207, reaching only 86.

ZiL museum, Moscow

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