Los Molares castle and its history

Castillo de Los Molares: it is the primitive nucleus around which the current population of Los Molares was formed, Andalusia. It dates from the early 14th century, when King Fernando IV granted the place to Lope Gutiérrez de Toledo (1310), as a reward for his performance in the battle of Algeciras.

After the death of Lope Gutiérrez, his son, of the same name, asked the Crown for half a league more around the castle that had already been built, as well as the power to establish the mayorazgo of their assets and apply privileges for the new settlers who were established around the fortress. In 1336, King Alfonso XI made these concessions or “grants” by means of the corresponding Puebla letter.

Since 1430 it has belonged to the Ribera family, traditional Andalusian Seniors. These will be Dukes of Alcalá and later they will join the Duchy of Medinaceli.

In the 19th century, with the dissolution of the manorial regime, the possession of the castle passed through several hands. At the end of the century, it was bought by the Utreran D. Enrique de la Cuadra, who subjected it to an intense restoration process, which unfortunately gave it a series of idealized deformations typical of the time.

The 20th century led to the the division of its structure into several properties, and a reuse to house different municipal estates.

Address: C. Duque de Alcala, 2, 41750 Los Molares, Sevilla, Spain

From Seville 38 min (39.8 km) via A-376

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